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 Upcoming Marketing for More Seminars

Thursday & Friday, September 20-21, 2012
in Northampton, Massachusetts

"My old business was okay. I was making a living, no complaints. But since attending Marcia Yudkin's Marketing for More seminar, I have transformed my business into a dynamic, ever growing, revenue stream producing, money making machine that gives me great satisfaction and allows me to work with just the kind of customers I love to work with. 

"The ideas generated by Marcia's seminar were so numerous, I'll be developing services and products for years. If you are a business owner looking to develop your business, increase your revenue, decrease your aggravation, and spawn great ideas, I urge you to sign up right away before the seats are all filled. This seminar is worth far more than the price charged." - Caroline Jordan,

Open to ten ambitious business owners, self-employed professionals or organizational marketers, this two-day intensive meeting of the minds focuses exclusively on the question, "How can we earn more money and experience less stress by adopting shrewder strategies, more profitable attitudes and smarter marketing?"

In this unique "Marketing for More" seminar, you'll not only listen as I share strategies, ideas, options and perspectives that help you boost cash flow and fatten profits, you'll each have an opportunity to get a torrent of fresh ideas just for you from fellow participants and me.  Extensive handouts and worksheets, along with free follow-up in an online mentorship program, ensure that you get extraordinary value from your enrollment.

The Marketing for More seminar takes place Thursday and Friday, September 20 and 21 in historic, lively Northampton, Massachusetts, in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, about 100 miles west of Boston. Enrollment is capped at eight people so you can be sure to get individual attention to your questions and concerns.

If you don't already know my qualifications, please take a look at my credentials here.

"Without a doubt, the best business seminar I have ever attended: useful, entertaining, stimulating and full of money-making ideas." - Bill Baird, Baird Direct Marketing

What you'll learn in the "Marketing for More" seminar

Gain insights like the following:

  • Positioning:  are you clearly communicating what makes you different from competitors?

  • Pricing:  four models for charging (and getting!) more, along with essential ways to hammer home the value you provide

  • Web sites:  the biggest response-killers I see again and again, and how to fix these errors for greater credibility, more leads and increased sales

"Since I made the revisions to my home page that were suggested in the first half hour of the Marketing for More seminar, inquiries for consulting from my website have doubled." - Sharron Senter,
  • Added revenue streams:  more than a dozen ways to earn more with little effort, multiplying your income while still leaving you time to relax and pursue outside interests

  • Advertising:  cost-effective revenue generators to try in print, by mail and online

  • Marketing:  other often-overlooked techniques that can generate tens of thousands of dollars in sales in just a week or two

Best of all, you will not just be taking notes at this seminar, left on your own to figure out how to apply exciting new ideas to your business.  Both days are intensely interactive, with questions always welcome and discussion the norm.   

"Just one suggestion from Marcia Yudkin brought in $242,000 in orders for my company." - Rob Cosgrove, Remote Backup Systems, Collierville, TN

On Sunday afternoon, you and everyone else will have a turn at getting the whole group's input on your home page as well as how you specifically can increase revenues and profits, applying what was discussed in the previous day and a half along with everything else the others know to your business or profession and your goals.  We'll end with everyone formulating do-able action steps to facilitate launching important changes upon returning home.

Please note that this program is designed for those with an already established business or professional practice.  If you are a marketing director of a company or nonprofit organization, you're also eligible to attend.  Everything remains focused on how to improve or extend what you have built for greater profits.  If you need advice on launching a new venture, please refer to my consulting options instead.

"Marcia, you have the clearest mind I have ever encountered. You cut right through the situation and in a straight line proceed to a creative solution. It is interesting to be in your seminar just to hear how you think!" - Dr. Doris Jeanette, Philadelphia, PA

And that's not all...

Leave some extra space in your suitcase since we will load you up with practical handouts, worksheets and reports as well as a complimentary copy of my book on publicity strategies (or another book of mine, if you already have that one). 

In addition, to make sure that you receive lasting value from the weekend, you'll receive free access for two months to my "Marketing for More" member web site, where you receive ongoing support, extensive resources for planning and executing a wide variety of marketing strategies and the opportunity to share challenges and solutions with other high-powered entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners.

"An excellent catalyst that started me thinking in an entirely
different direction about my business.  The value I received
dramatically exceeded the cost of the seminar." - Michael Love,
Interior Options

"The weekend was great. I returned home refreshed, energized and feeling more positive about my business than I have in ages. Kudos to Marcia for an interesting, useful discussion as well as to the other seminar members, who contributed so much. The small group was invaluable." - Debbie Weil, Author, The Corporate Blogging Book

How much?  And how to sign up?

Tuition for this two-day eye opener to greater profits is $995.00, which includes two Continental breakfasts, two lunches and snacks.  You'll be on your own for Saturday night dinner, free to sample the adventurous, eclectic restaurant offerings in downtown Northampton or surrounding towns.  (I'll make suggestions if you like.)  The seminar begins at 9 a.m. Thursday, September 20 and ends at 5 p.m. Friday, September 21.

Reserve your place at the "Marketing for More" weekend now by:

1.  Paying a $100 deposit (refund policy is below). 

2.  Booking a room at the elegant Hotel Northampton in Northampton, MA (413-584-3100) or at another place to stay in the area.

Through September 4, your $100 deposit is fully refundable.  Afterwards, it's refundable if we (or you) find someone to take your place at the seminar.  By September 10, you'll owe the remaining fee of $895, and that too is refundable up to the weekend of the seminar if we (or you) find someone to take your place at the seminar. 

Early bird deal:  Register before July 15 and we'll work out a payment plan for you that spreads the seminar tuition over three months.

Travel details for the Northampton / Pioneer Valley area
Northampton, Massachusetts is a 35-minute drive from Bradley International Airport in northern Connecticut, serving Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA.  We're less than two hours west of Boston, less than three hours northeast of New York City.  Plan to come early or stay an extra day so you can mosey around our area - we'll tell you where, depending on whether you enjoy antiques, forest scenery, quaint towns or historic sites tied to American literature.  

Bring your spouse and kids for an enriching weekend!
Plenty of attractions within a 20-mile radius can keep your spouse and kids occupied while you are planning creative ways to restyle and turbocharge your business.  Smith College, Mount Holyoke, Amherst and Hampshire Colleges as well as the University of Massachusetts are nearby, along with historic Deerfield Village, Emily Dickinson's home, even the Basketball Hall of Fame and a museum devoted to the art of the man who illustrated The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Still not sure this is right for you?

Let's sum up what you'll get from your investment of $995 and two days of energy and attention:

  • Learning about creative, proven business strategies and marketing tactics in a highly interactive, motivating environment
  • Brainstorming of fresh solutions from outsiders with objectivity on your business, including a world-class marketing expert
  • Surprising insights into blind spots that may be holding down your income
  • Worksheets, handouts and reports that provide tangible guidance on applying ideas emerging from the seminar
  • A tax-deductible opportunity to experience small-town New England
  • Four delicious meals as well as coffee, tea and snacks
  • Complimentary membership in a member web site for two months after the seminar, with marketing tools and resources, access to exclusive profit-building content and problem-solving support 
"Marcia Yudkin's feedback, fortified by her mastery of marketing and her on-target observations, quickly revealed for me blind spots in how I was approaching my clients. Within 24 hours of beginning to work with her during the seminar, I arrived at a new focus on how to talk about my work. Within 48 hours, my website reflected those changes, and my results had already increased dramatically." - Dave Schoof, David Schoof & Associates

In short, if you could use both a psychological and practical kick in the pants to grow your business, recover from a slump or implement more enjoyable new directions for your company or professional practice, then sign up now for the "Marketing for More" seminar in Northampton, Massachusetts September 20-21, 2012!

And for those who feel more comfortable registering with a money-back guarantee, here it is:  If you have not already clearly received your money's worth by lunch on Saturday, you can walk out then with a 100% refund of the seminar fee.  So what are you waiting for?  Reserve your place today.

"Thanks to the Marketing for More workshop, I am now ready to implement a comprehensive marketing plan for my business that will include one-on-one marketing and a press release campaign creating images and telling stories of how I helped real people solve their problems in today's real estate market.  I've already made changes to my website and took a listing today, a full commission.  Thank you!"  - Diane L. Mitchell, Real Estate Consultant, Prudential CT Realty, Vernon office

"I learned more about marketing from Marcia Yudkin than from a seminar on a cruise ship that cost thousands of dollars."
- Hannelore Hahn, Founder and Executive Director, International Women's Writing Guild

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