Marketing Tips To Generate Traffic On Your Website

Generating traffic is a common area of investigation for any Webmaster. With so many sites on the Web, content managers often struggle to produce interesting campaigns to promote the marketing of their site. Following are several ideas that can be incorporated into virtually any site to bring on the hits!

1. Jump start your sales through eBay.

Nowadays, nearly any product or service can be bought and sold on eBay. On top of nearly any product, eBay is a great marketplace for Web designers, printers, artists, advertising services, anything! Do a search on eBay for whatever product or service you are trying to move and see how your competitors are generating leads. Although you will find many services offered on eBay are at a discounted rate, eBay is an ideal source for generating leads for repeat business.

2. Email your customers.

Email does not always equal spam. Find a creative way to provide your email list with information that they would like to receive and within the information you are providing, find ways to weave your products and services into the email. Some Webmasters try to produce a weekly or monthly newsletter or eZine. Regardless of the content, you are distributing, try to have your emails contain both relevant information, in addition to your sales pitch.

3. Exchange signature files.

Some services online will offer signature link exchanges which provide a cheap (or free!) way to solicit your site and generate hits. The way this works is that you link up with a complimentary service and provide their link on the bottom of your emails, and they do the same. With the right partner, this could prove to be quite effective!

4. Submit freelance articles.

You can get quite a bit of free promotion by writing articles that deal with topics your target audience is interested in. Submit your articles to publishers, free reprint article directories and archive sites, and be sure to include your contact information and Web site in your byline and offer other sites to reprint the article for free so long as they publish your byline.

5. Offer free gifts and bonuses to your buyers.

Develop unique bonuses to use as limited time offers or offer free gifts to your buyers. For a relatively low price, a free gift will often gain the loyalty of a buyer to keep them coming back for more!

6. Survey your customers.

Obtain feedback from your customers on a regular basis and offer them incentives for their time in completing surveys. This will help you to identify what you do right and help you to retain your customers by showing them your commitment to improving your products and services.

7. Traffic Sharing Programs.

Some programs will allow you to “share traffic” – meaning you spend five to ten minutes a day surfing the Web and if you visit 25 other sites, you will receive 25 visitors to your site. I try to visit the sites in the network several times a week to maintain my credits, and I do get hits to my site from them … it actually does work! Check it out – it is the Fastest Growing FREE Traffic Builder. You can’t beat the free ones!

All in all, Web promotion is fun if you get creative with it. Let your mind go free and watch the hits come pouring in!